Thursday, 8 October 2015

Mud painting workshop

Here are some paintings from my mud workshop held in the Macrobert arts centre, part of Luminate- Scotland's Creative Ageing Festival- except nobody has ever heard of it!
Liz (left) did a series of da
ncers but it was her cartoon of Cameron and the pig that caused much hilarity.

Unfortunately the Macrobert arts centre were not amused . They thought it reflected badly on them and asked for the hashtag on Twitter to be removed! they said they were non-political.

Hmmmm...there is such a thing as creative freedom.
This is Joy Scott with her first ever painti
ng- in mud.
Joy, age 82, is a former Scottish Water Ski champion. Now she has taken up dancing, T'ai chi and today- mud painting.

Finally we all did a scroll. Now I have got to find somewhere to show it. Any suggestions?

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